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Project Description
jsGotoDefinition is a VS2010 plugin that, amongst other things, allows developers to right-click and navigate to a Javascript function's definition, giving them same sort of experience available with C#.

  • Navigate to the definition of a javascript method by clicking on a call to it
  • Works for variable declarations too
  • Find all references to a given javascript method or variable
  • After "going to definition" navigate back to the call
  • If the call happens to be an MSAJAX call to a webservice it will try find the C# codebehind file for the call
  • If you place your .js file in the same folder as your aspx file and give it the same name i.e. users.aspx has a user.aspx.js javasxript file, you can jump back and forth between the js file and the aspx file with one click
  • Setup how you would like to search for the javascript definition using regular expressions

Tools can be accessed via context-menu or you can hook hotleys up:

Results come up in a VS toolbar window and stay there until the next:

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